History & Evolution of Top Luxury Fashion Brand Logos

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Brief History How Different Fashion Brand Logos Got Modernized

Considering the specifics of branding, logos play an important role in providing a unique visual identity to the fashion brands. Some of the notable references like the Gucci logo and more others are quite evident in this regard. They have established a proper business identity in the market, allowing their brand to get noticed easily around the globe.

In this blog, we will take a look at the branding logos of popular fashion brands in the world. We’ll analyze how they have changed over the years, establishing a strong repute in the business industry.

Let’s explore some of the best fashion brands and their logo story in detail below.

1. Best Luxury Fashion Brand Logos & Their Evolution

Here are the top five fashion brands that are quite renowned due to their logos and unique branding style.

1.1 Gucci

Gucci is one of those brands that do not need any kind of introduction in the market. It has ruled the fashion industry since 1921 by establishing an elite repute. It is undoubtedly one of the most expensive brands around loved by millions of people.

Gucci logo
Source: 1000 Logos

The Double-G logo of Gucci has become a source of its fame in the world. It is quite unique and exceptional in looks, allowing the brand to form an elite repute in the market. Looking at its history, we can find different versions introduced at different times. All of them were crafted with stunning visual creativity and uniqueness. Here’s a quick rundown below about the history, meaning of the Gucci logo, and its evolution through the years.

The history of the original Gucci logo is quite diverse. It has seen various types of modifications in different eras. The company was first established in 1921 with the name “The House of Gucci” in Florence. At that time, it was just a leather goods company offering stylish luggage sets to the customers. The initial logo of the brand was also quite simple at that time, as the market didn’t have any particular logo types.

Things started to change for the old Gucci logo from 1933 when a rebranded logo was introduced by the company. It was based on an italic typeface, but was very distinctive and beautiful in looks. Many people still associate it with the first arrival of the Gucci logo in the fashion brands industry. It offered plenty of products for the growing customers in the market.

Meanwhile, the Gucci logo again started to see various transformations from the start of 1955. That is because the company kept on introducing different versions in the market to cater latest trends.

Today, after a tremendous run of decades in the business, Gucci logo has come a long way becoming a symbol of elite styling in the fashion industry. It has got a flair of exquisite class that depicts its true fashion vogue beating all others in the circuit.

1.3 Balenciaga

Balenciaga is a multibillion fashion brand that offers a range of apparel products rated in elite couture. Its branding style is just like its exclusivity in fashion products i.e. unique and high-class. Though, you will need plenty of dollars in your pocket to shop at Balenciaga. But then you are firmly assured to have the best products that look artistic in style.

Balenciaga logo
Source: Wikipedia

Talking a bit about the Balenciaga logo, the brand has introduced only three logos since its inception. There is no specific meaning of Balenciaga logo, however it represents a fashion class that is personified with top grade styling.

Through the years, the brand stayed firmly with its initial logo despite getting pirated many times. That is why they quickly opt to copyright a logo to avoid any further misuse. The connection of fashion enthusiasts is one of the major reasons why the brand didn’t change its design. It always wanted to make a statement and look unique among all others in the market.

Today, the brand has taken a center stage in the elite styling circuit. It has run a marathon in the fashion industry and has established its name at the top tier.

The Balenciaga logo has seen very little transformation over the last few years. It was first introduced in 1917 which instantly became a hit in the market. The wide range of elite apparel products was also a reason why this logo quickly built up a great audience. It specifically got more attention in the European fashion circuit, right from the start.

The classy Double B styling of the original Balenciaga logo was made creatively during the late 1917. It offered a fresh look in the logo styling, allowing other brands to think actively about the same theme. Going forward, this Double B logo became a symbol of high class-vogue styling. It especially became popular among those who were looking to get inspired from the new age outfitting trends.

Coming to 2013, the brand finally changed its logo and adapted the simple typeface styling. It was a major overhaul of the old logo and crafted perfectly as per the modern trends. It looks simple but highly elegant in design, providing a true solid identity of the clothing giant.

1.5 Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is yet another renowned clothing giant. It has a vast range of experience in the fashion world. We all have seen our favorite celebrities taking on the expensive yet classy apparel products of Louis Vuitton. Its ultra-stylish tone is the core reason why it is loved by millions around the world.

Louis vuitton logo
Source: Wikipedia

Started in 1914, the brand has seen tremendous expansion throughout the years. It made its mark in almost every region and country around the world. Though it is also rated among the most expensive brands, but its quality is also very unique from others.

From London to Paris, Louis Vuitton has outlets everywhere. It showcases the demand of the brand in the global market. It is being rated highly due to the continuous advancement it brings in the fashion trends. This particularly makes Louis Vuitton one of its kind showcasing its spectacular class among others.

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Louis Vuitton is also one of those prestigious fashion brands that was founded in Paris in 1914. The company is named after the famous French businessman Louis Vuitton Malletier. He is pretty renowned due to his pioneering fashion approach that gave his small clothing outlet a perfect ladder to grow.

The brand didn’t see any potential changes in its logo design throughout the last 100 years. The reason is that it is already designed very elegantly. Considering its colors and theme, you can’t find any loopholes at all. It is designed incredibly covering all the branding demands of vogue fashion elements.

Meanwhile, the only change that came in its branding through these years was the wordmark of the company. It was written with a Futura sans serif, crafted in spectacular monotone color. This wordmark and LV logo has become a symbol of top class styling today. It has taken the apparel demands of the company to newer heights in the world.

1.7 Chanel

Chanel is a French luxury fashion brand that offers a tremendous range of ready to wear clothes for women. It is a highly renowned fashion giant that focuses on crafting meticulous womenswear blended with the art of classical style. People from around the world look towards this brand as a hub of modern fashion for exquisite styling.

Chanel logo
Source: Wikipedia

The brand generally uses a simple black and white color tone highlighting the flair of the 50s era. People who are fond of taking such a classical style specifically prefer Chanel over any other brand. This monotone theme does look a bit orthodox. But it also offers a fine touch of distinctive fashion connecting the golden era.

Looking at the logo, you will also notice that all of them also focus on the black and white color. This shows that the brand has got a strong connection with this theme. It has indeed given them a breathtaking success and strong presence all over the world.

Founded by Gabrielle Bonheur in 1909, Chanel took the market by storm quickly in its initial years. The inspiring brain of Gabrielle worked precisely on the classical style. Her work showcased the branding of the company offering a complete black and white color to look distinctive among others.

The meaning of the Chanel logo can also be understood in the same manner. It contains a stunning design of double C, representing the initials of Coco Chanel.

Since its inception, the brand didn’t change much in the logo except a few little tweaks. These modifications came from time to time, giving the brand a slight new look as per the changing trends. The emblem that is used today by the brand is not much different from the first original Chanel logo. It has got the same monotone style, depicting the true classical theme of the company.

1.9 Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is a renowned name in the fashion world, rightly due to their flawless range of top class couture. The brand specializes in producing not just meticulous apparel products, but different types of other fashion accessories as well including handbags, sunglasses, footwear and more others.

Dolce & Gabbana logo
Source: 1000 Logos

It is one of those brands that requires a higher budget for shopping. But it also offers value for money on all the products. It is a billion-dollar company that has a footprint all over the world. From New York to Sydney, Dubai to Amsterdam and more, you can find the footprint of the brand everywhere.

Represented by the famous “D & G” logo, the brand has become a symbol of high-class styling in the fashion industry. It has especially become a top choice among the celebrities and elites for day to day outfitting needs.

Dolce & Gabbana too found its inception in the heart of Italy i.e. the city of Milan. The company was founded by two visionary fashion entrepreneurs named Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. That is why the official logo of Dolce & Gabbana contains the initials of D & G.

The logo utilizes the famous Futura font colored in exquisite black. It looks very straightforward yet bold in styling, allowing people to understand the modern theme of the brand.

Meanwhile, the wordmark of the brand is also created with the same thought. It utilizes the bold future font having a dark black color. This is also one of those logos that didn’t change much during the course of many years. It showcased a solid trademark of elite fashion branding, making a strong repute in the world.



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